Past and present shows

The Wilderness Art Collective: CHANGING LANDSCAPES

20 - 23 Apr 2023

Changing Landscapes draws together work from the 27 artists making up the Wilderness Art Collective. Formed in 2018, WAC's members' work discusses the natural world. This show celebrates Earth Day by addressing the issue of our changing landscape. It highlights the artists' diverse practices whilst engaging the audience in their collective conversation about the environment.


27 Nov - 4 Dec 2021

Recent drawings by Gary

James Dearlove: THE GARDEN ROOM

7 - 21 Oct 2021

This show is about the desire and disquietude I see in life. I am preoccupied with how humans leave a trace of their presence both as individuals and collectively on the world; the way a figure can electrify a room, the trajectory of a cyclist across a park or a firework across the sky.

Catalina M Christensen: TERRAINS OF PIGMENT

18 - 25 May 2018

Terrains of pigment is a window into the artist's life in her studio, revealing a complex and unusual practice; the elaboration of pigments leading to the creation of paintings and 3D objects. Her hands-on approach to pigment collection and preparation, together with the use of traditional egg tempera techniques, coalesce to produce a profoundly distinctive visual style, through which thematic concerns are explored.